A New Era for Linton Tweeds Begins


We are delighted to announce the appointment of two new Managing Directors. From July 2021, Ross Walker and Duncan Walker will take the role of “Joint Managing Directors” from their father Keith Walker who has been MD since 1994.

Keith Walker will take up a new role as “Company Chairman” on a part time basis and will remain a director of the company alongside his two sons Ross and Duncan.

Keith, took over from his father, Leslie Walker, who was the pioneer behind the incorporation of fancier, exotic yarns into our tweeds. It is this style of fabric for which we have become revered for in recent decades.

Long time Production Director Gary Brunton will also move into semi-retirement with a new role as production “consultant” to ensure a smooth transition for the new management team. Jane Durnin will continue her work as “Planning Manager” with Stuart Mabon as “Weaving Manager” and Irene Steele as the companies “Head Designer”.

Many of our customers will have already worked with Ross and Duncan who have been Directors at Linton since 2018. Duncan started at Linton Tweeds when he left school and worked in a number of departments within our Mill. Since then, he has headed sales of our made to order collections.

Ross joined Linton Tweeds after studying at university and has ran “Linton Direct” (stocked department of Linton) since 2014. In the 7 years he has run the department, Ross has grown this division of the business from strength to strength, turning it into a fully-fledged ecommerce business which sends fabric to all four corners of the globe.


To ensure that Linton can meet the growing demand for fabrics, the management team have made been making significant investment in the Mill which they hope will increase the weaving capacity.

We have purchased 8 looms to replace 8 older looms in our weaving shed alongside the purchase of a new boiler, a new piece dyeing machine, and yarn dryer.

We also continue our constant sourcing for new, innovative eco-friendly yarns. You might have already noticed many of the yarns in the fabric compositions on our website contain organic or recycled cotton, wool, or acrylic.

This is a new and exciting chapter in Linton’s century long history, and we look forward to all the exciting possibilities the future holds.





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