Claire Shaeffer Shares How to Craft a Tucked Trim

Nothing elevates a Parisian style jacket quite like a stylish trim. However, finding a suitable match for your chosen fabric can be difficult. Claire Shaeffer’s latest blog delves into creating your very own tucked trim from the fabric you purchase. ——————– I’ve examined hundreds of Chanel garments. One technique which they use regularly is to cut the […]

What is Piece Dyeing and Why Should you Consider a Piece Dye for your Next Sewing Project?

Our piece dye fabrics are over looked by our web customers, in favour of our fancier fantasy tweeds. Couture sewing educator explains what a a piece dye fabric is and why you would consider one for your next sewing project. ——————————————————————— Piece dyeing is the process of dyeing fabric after it has been woven, instead […]

Your Questions About Jacket Chain Answered by Claire Shaeffer

We’ve had several questions about chain since we discussed how to sew it on your jackets several months ago. The questions included: Why is chain important? What kind of chain? Where is it placed? and Where can I buy it? Called a “Chanelism” by the editors of Vogue Magazine, the decorative gilt chains used on […]

Couture Crafting: Make Your Very Own Linton Covered Clothes Hanger

The promotion and sale of our craft packs are one of our most important drives in reducing remnants of our fabrics going to landfill. Over the last year, we have literally prevented 100’s of metres of fabric from ending in the trash. Each craft pack contains 10 pieces of our fabrics measuring 40cm x 30cm. […]

Hand-crafted Buttons for your Couture Cardigan

No tweed jacket or cardigan is complete without beautiful matching buttons. We at Linton Tweeds regularly get asked by our customers where they can find beautiful buttons to complement their garments. When we asked couture sewing guru, Claire Shaeffer for her thoughts, she came up with a wonderful guide to making one’s very own tweed […]

The Claire Shaeffer Simple Autumn Wrap

With Autumn well on the way, sewing educator Claire Shaeffer has decided, for her first contribution, to showcase something both beginner and advanced sewers can enjoy making! The simple autumn wrap. Both classic and elegant, these wraps can be enjoyed for seasons to come. Claire made the below wraps using our fabrics L30475 and Z8146. […]