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X6583 – Pink Lilac Yellow Black White and Grey Bouclé Couture Fabric

Introducing our exceptional couture bouclé tweed X6583, a true masterpiece in the world of couture fantasy tweeds. This fabric boasts a soft and elegant colour palette, featuring shades of pink, lilac, yellow, black, white, and grey. Its tight weave not only adds sophistication but also showcases the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into its creation. X6583 […]



LX30845 – Metallic Lilac Gold White Navy and Pink Couture Leno Fabric

Introducing our extraordinary couture leno style tweed fabric LX30845, a fabric that epitomizes the epitome of elegance in the coveted leno style tweed—a weaving technique celebrated by renowned couture design houses like Chanel. Leno weave, known for its meticulous interlacing of two warp yarns around the weft yarns, results in a fabric that embodies both […]

£50.00 Per Metre


LX30828 – Shiny Purple Burgundy Lilac Blue and Metallic Boucle Fantasy Tweed Fabric

Introducing our haute couture marvel, couture woven fabric LX30828. This breath-taking bouclé fantasy tweed, adorned in rich shades of purple, sky blue, deep burgundy, and sparkly metallic silver, is a true masterpiece that captures the essence of contemporary glamour. LX30828 is the embodiment of fun, whimsy, and an abundance of sparkle. Its unique blend of […]

£40.00 Per Metre


XX30826 – Metallic Lilac White Black and Natural Couture Textured Leno Tweed Fabric

Introducing our exquisite Couture Woven Fabric XX30826, a true masterpiece in the coveted leno tweed style—a technique cherished by renowned couture design houses such as Chanel. Leno weave, characterized by the artful interlacing of two warp yarns around the weft yarns, results in a fabric that boasts both strength and sheerness. This innovative weaving method […]

£54.00 Per Metre