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LX6685 – Shades of Pink White Metallic Yellow and Multicoloured Couture Bouclé Fabric

Introducing LX6685, a couture check boucle that beckons with the allure of pale and salmon pink hues, enriched by metallic yellow and white yarns. This pink fabric is a visual symphony, interwoven with multi-coloured flag yarns for an added layer of texture, creating an exquisite tapestry of couture craftsmanship. Crafted at our distinguished mill in […]



XX31238 – Blue Shiny Purple and Metallic Silver Couture Textured Boucle Fabric

Introducing XX31238, a couture woven tweed that weaves together opulence and artistry in a harmonious blend of textures and colours. This textured bouclé style fabric is a visual masterpiece, adorned with numerous fancy yarns in shiny purple, sky blue, white, and metallic silver. A symphony of sparkle, XX31238 is a celebration of couture craftsmanship, designed […]



X6701 – Red Black and Multicoloured Houndstooth Fabric

Introducing our exquisite couture houndstooth bouclé Tweed X6701, a true testament to the enduring charm of a classic houndstooth weave, artfully revitalized with a modern twist and a captivating colour palette. This fabric combines the timeless appeal of red and black with delightful pops of purple and pale shades, creating a textile that bridges the […]



L6671 – Navy Black White and Multicoloured Couture Textured Tweed Fabric

Discover the epitome of timeless elegance with blue tweed boucle L6671, an exquisite couture bouclé tweed fabric that transcends fashion and style. This fabric pays homage to classic colour tones with a sophisticated blend of black, white, and navy. However, it doesn’t stop there; L6671 boasts a stunning feature that sets it apart. Across the weft, […]