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X8199 – Red Navy and White Bouclé Couture Fabric

Introducing our exquisite couture bouclé fantasy tweed fabric, the X8199, a timeless creation that marries classic charm with contemporary elegance. Crafted with precision and passion at our esteemed mill in Carlisle, UK, where textile artistry has thrived for over a century, this exceptional fabric embodies the rich legacy of quality and sophistication that defines our […]



L30898 – Black and White Textured Houndstooth Couture Fabric

Step into the world of timeless couture sophistication with Fabric L30898, a classic black and white houndstooth tweed that stands as a testament to enduring style. Designed and meticulously woven at our esteemed mill in Carlisle, where tradition meets innovation, this fabric exemplifies our unwavering commitment to crafting couture bouclés and tweeds that have graced […]



XX31127 – White and Navy Couture Textured Check Fabric

Elevate your couture creations to a new realm of timeless elegance with navy and white tweed XX31127, a meticulously crafted textured check/houndstooth style fantasy tweed This fabric pays homage to the legendary Chanel aesthetic, capturing the essence of sophistication and style that has defined the world of haute couture. Designed and woven with meticulous precision […]