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X31193 – Army Green Brown Metallic Black and Multicoloured Couture Textured Honeycomb Fabric

Elevate your couture creations to new heights with Fabric X31193, a textured honeycomb-style fantasy tweed that embodies the essence of autumn in its most captivating form. Crafted with precision at our renowned mill in Carlisle, where decades of expertise converge with innovation, this fabric is a testament to unparalleled artistry and quality. A symphony of […]

£42.00 Per Metre


L31191 – Emerald Green Teal Mustard Pale Blue Black and Shiny Couture Textured Fabric

Introducing the essence of timeless couture sophistication, emerald green boucle L31191, a textile that epitomizes the very essence of Chanel-style elegance. This fabric pays homage to the iconic Chanel aesthetic, featuring a rich tapestry of emerald green, teal, mustard, pale blue, and metallic black, meticulously interwoven to create a harmonious composition that embodies the spirit […]

£46.00 Per Metre


XX31183 – Aquamarine and Shiny Couture Textured Check Fabric

Introducing the epitome of haute couture elegance – our couture tweed XX31183, a fabric that effortlessly embodies sophistication and style. In a stunning shade of aquamarine, this textile is a testament to refined craftsmanship, meticulously woven to perfection. The allure of couture aquamarine tweed XX31183 lies in its attention to detail. The incorporation of fancy […]

£54.00 Per Metre