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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you ship worldwide?
    Yes – we have and do ship to all four corners of the globe! If you are still concerned about if we can ship to your country, please feel free to contact us using the enquiry form below.
    I can’t find the fabric I am looking for? Will it be remade?
    All our fabrics are one offs, made in limited quantity. This keeps their exclusivity and means we can launch new exciting fabrics each week. Occasionally a fabric will be produced in two or three batches. This means we will get a few metres initially, and more several weeks or even months later.
    How can I determine scale based on the website images?
    All fabric images are taken using a scanner to provide as much detail as possible. These images are all cropped at a similar ratio. This means that the images on the website showcase approximately 12cm x 12cm of fabric (4.8 inches x 4.8 inches).
    How much fabric do I need to make a jacket?
    We recommend about 2 metres (2.2 yards) of fabric for a standard jacket. However, should you require more accurate quantities, it is best to check with your sewing pattern or tailor.
    I require an invoice for my order. Where can I get one?
    If you require any form of invoice for your order, please contact our wholesale department on [email protected]. Invoices cannot be generated once an order is placed online through our webstore.
    Do I have to pay customs or duty on my order?
    Some countries may require you to pay import duties on fabrics purchases from the UK. It is best to check with your local customs office to check this.
    How do I order a sample?
    Should you want to order a fabric sample, simply click the ‘add sample’ button on any fabric product page. A sample will automatically be added to your basket. Samples are charged at 40p each. You can also purchase a sample pack which features 20 random samples and can be found for sale here.
    My pattern or tailor uses yards – how much fabric will I need in meters?
    The conversion from metres to yards is relatively simple – 1 metre = 1.093 yard. So, all you have to do is multiply the yard amounts you require by 1.093 to get the converted quantities.
    When are new fabrics launched?
    We launch new fabrics on our website twice a week – every Tuesday and Friday. The number of new fabrics varies depending on how busy the mill is.
    Can I pay via bank transfer?
    Yes – should you wish to pay via bank transfer, please contact our shop on [email protected]
    How long are fabrics in stock
    Fabrics can remain in stock from anything from a few days to several months. We cannot guarantee how long a fabric will remain available for purchase.
    Are your fabrics sustainable or eco-friendly?
    Due to the nature of our fabrics, we cannot always guarantee fabrics are fully sustainable. However, all wool and cotton used in our fabrics comes from 100% certified sustainable sources. We also use recycled yarns where possible.
    How long does shipping take?
    You can find all our shipping information on our shipping and returns page here.
    How much does shipping cost?
    Unlike other ecommerce stores who factor in the price of shipping into the cost of their goods, we prefer to be transparent about the price of shipping. You can find all our shipping rates here.
    I want to get a fabric remade. How long will this take and what is the minimum order?
    Production order start at 50m per quality and production can take up to 12 weeks.  Please note that not all fabrics purchased on our website can be remade. Should you want to get a fabric remade, please contact [email protected]
    Can I choose the fabrics in my craft pack or sample pack?
    Unfortunately, not. But we will do our best to assist with any special requests. Simply leave your message in the delivery notes upon checkout and we will do out best to assist.
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