LX31218 – Navy Red White and Multicoloured Couture Textured Check Tweed Fabric

Check Tweed Fabric LX31218 is a fabric that encapsulates the essence of couture fashion, where creativity knows no bounds. This stunning couture boucle tweed in navy, red, and white is a tribute to classic sophistication with a twist. But what truly sets it apart is the inclusion of multi-coloured threads interwoven into the fabric, adding […]



XX31212 – Pastel Pink Orange Metallic Gold and Multicoloured Couture Textured Check Tweed Fabric

Pastel pink tweed XX31212 is a fabric like no other, an exquisite couture boucle tweed that defies conventions and embodies the essence of luxury. In a captivating palette of pastel pink, orange, and metallic gold tones, it combines flamboyant fluorescent pompoms and multi-coloured flag yarns meticulously interwoven to create a mesmerizing visual and tactile experience. […]



LX31190 – White Ivory Lilac Iridescent and Black Pompom Couture Textured Fabric

Introducing the essence of timeless elegance, LX31190, a textile that embodies the very spirit of Chanel-inspired sophistication. This white and ivory tweed showcases a pristine white canvas, meticulously crafted with a luxurious woollen base, creating an ideal foundation for your couture creations. LX31190 is a textile masterpiece that speaks to the heart of couture craftsmanship. […]



X31221 – Shiny Mint Green Grey White and Multicoloured Couture Textured Tweed Fabric

X31221 is a mint green tweed fabric that challenges the boundaries of traditional couture, where innovation meets sophistication. This exceptional couture boucle tweed boasts a unique and captivating colour combination. Shiny mint green, soft grey, and crisp white are meticulously woven into a square pattern design, setting the stage for a fabric that exudes individuality […]


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L30921 – Fluorescent Neon Yellow Textured Couture Fabric (3 Metre Piece)

Fabric L30921 is a true testament to the artistry and craftsmanship that defines couture textiles. Drenched in a vibrant neon yellow hue, it captivates with its luminosity and undeniable presence. This neon yellow tweed fabric is a masterpiece that promises to breathe life into your most daring and avant-garde fashion creations. The hallmark of Fabric […]



LX31215 – Pale Blue Metallic Black and Midnight Couture Textured Leno Tweed Fabric

Leno tweed LX31215 is a testament to the timeless allure of couture fashion. This classic couture boucle tweed, presented in a sophisticated palette of pale blue, metallic pale blue, midnight blue, and black, embodies elegance and craftsmanship like no other. Crafted with a meticulous leno design, it features a textured stripe pattern that adds depth […]



Y31217 – White Neon Orange Yellow and Multicoloured Couture Textured Tweed Fabric

Textured tweed fabric Y31217 is a fabric that redefines the boundaries of couture fashion. This striking couture boucle tweed in a crisp white base, infused with bright neon orange yellow accents, is a testament to boldness and innovation. But what truly sets it apart is the inclusion of multi-coloured flag threads interwoven into the fabric, […]



L6672 – Lime Green White and Metallic Gold Tortoise Shell Design Couture Woven Fabric

Introducing lime green tweed L6672, a true masterpiece in the world of couture woven tweeds. This fabric is a bold and striking statement in vibrant lime green and metallic gold, designed to make your creations shine with sophistication and elegance. L6672 features an intricate houndstooth pattern, woven with an array of fancy yarns that converge […]