LX30987 – Shades of Brown Cream Natural and Auburn Couture Houndstooth Bouclé Fabric

Step into the world of opulent couture with LX30987, a fabric that captures the essence of sophistication and timeless elegance. LX30987 is a textured couture houndstooth boucle fabric, showcasing a harmonious palette of classic chocolate brown, rich auburn, and soothing beige. This fabric is more than just a textile; it’s a work of art that […]



X6701 – Red Black and Multicoloured Houndstooth Fabric

Introducing our exquisite couture houndstooth bouclé Tweed X6701, a true testament to the enduring charm of a classic houndstooth weave, artfully revitalized with a modern twist and a captivating colour palette. This fabric combines the timeless appeal of red and black with delightful pops of purple and pale shades, creating a textile that bridges the […]



L6658 – Red Fuchsia Purple Brown Black Couture Bouclé Check Houndstooth Tweed Fabric

Introducing L6658, a couture woven tweed that marries warmth, style, and vibrant sophistication. This striking houndstooth fabric in red, fuchsia, brown, purple, and black is a testament to the artistry that defines our mill in Carlisle. For years, we have woven couture boucle’s and tweeds for renowned fashion designers such as Dior, Chanel, and Marc […]



X6660 – Navy Black Cream and Ivory Bouclé Houndstooth Fabric

Introducing houndstooth boucle X6660, a couture woven tweed that seamlessly blends timeless elegance with a touch of modern sophistication. This houndstooth fabric, adorned in classic black, navy, ivory, and cream, stands as a testament to the artistry cultivated at our mill in Carlisle. For years, we have woven couture boucle’s and tweeds for esteemed fashion […]


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LX31224 – Black White and Shiny Couture Textured Tweed Fabric (2 Metre Piece)

 Introducing black and white fabric LX31224, a couture boucle tweed that effortlessly captures the essence of striking sophistication. This fabric, meticulously designed and woven at our renowned mill in Carlisle, stands as a testament to the legacy we’ve built over the years, weaving couture boucle’s and tweeds for globally acclaimed fashion designers such as Dior, […]



X31206 – Black Navy and White Couture Woven Tweed Fabric

Unveiling X31206, an exquisite designer bouclé tweed that encapsulates timeless sophistication. This masterful creation, meticulously crafted with the utmost precision, reflects the artistry that has become synonymous with our mill in Carlisle. Our heritage of weaving couture bouclés and tweeds has established us as the go-to destination for fashion luminaries, including the likes of Dior, […]