X8210 – Black and White Textured Couture Fabric

Black and white tweed X8210 is a fabric that encapsulates the timeless allure of couture fashion, where classic elegance meets creativity. This exquisite couture boucle tweed presents a classic black and white palette, infusing a sense of sophistication and versatility into every thread. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it is the perfect canvas for […]



L30998 – Pastel Peach Beige and White Couture Textured Fabric

Introducing L30998, a masterpiece in couture bouclé tweed fabric. This luxurious textile boasts a harmonious blend of soft peach, creamy hues, subtle beige, and pristine white, rendering it an exceptional choice for fashion connoisseurs. With its unique texture and an exquisite matted finish, peach tweed L30998 is a testament to the artistry that defines our […]



LX30845 – Metallic Lilac Gold White Navy and Pink Couture Leno Fabric

Introducing our extraordinary couture leno style tweed fabric LX30845, a fabric that epitomizes the epitome of elegance in the coveted leno style tweed—a weaving technique celebrated by renowned couture design houses like Chanel. Leno weave, known for its meticulous interlacing of two warp yarns around the weft yarns, results in a fabric that embodies both […]