Introducing our New Community Forum

We are really excited to be introducing our new community forum. With the introduction of our Linton Tweeds community forum, we will have a new centrepiece that will allow a place for global community engagement that provides us with a new way to deliver an even better user experience for our customers!

Linton Tweeds customers around the globe will now have the chance to post questions and start discussions with other users about topics like sewing tips and techniques, advice on where to find suppliers of items like buttons, chains and trims, and a place to share other educational resources. You can access the forum here.

We have hopes that in the long run this forum will become more than just a question and answer platform, but a social community in itself helping our customers across the globe to interact with one another.

The forum will require you to be logged in to your Linton account to post content. This prevents outside users or spam bots from flooding the forum. All posts will also have to be approved by us, so do not worry if your question or comments do not appear right away.

So be brave – go post your first question!

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