Last Chance to Order Yarn

From the end of April, we will no longer be stocking yarn on our website for sale. Our yarn offering has been popular with sewers looking to create crafts projects and trims for their French style jackets. Since we launched our first website over a decade ago, we have sold thousand of balls of yarn and shipped them around the globe.

Our yarn stock comes from the yarn left over during the fabric making process. We are often left with a few cones (too little to make fabric with), which we wound as balls and sold them on the website. We also started selling full cones and craft packs to broaden our offering last year.  However, as our web presence has grown and the numbers of online orders increased, our time to spend balling yarn and keep sufficient stock has come under pressure.

Thus the decision has been made, rather than to provide an inadequate service, to forgo our yarn offering altogether to focus fully on selling our core product – couture fantasy tweeds.

Our yarn craft packs, few remaining listed balls and cones will be available on our website until the end of the month (04/21) for any weavers still looking to get their hands on these last lovely threads. Those yarns unsold, are being donated to universities around the UK for fashion and weaving students.

Should customers have any special requests with regards to yarns, please reach out to us and we will do our best to accommodate you. We know to our many weavers and crafters who regularly purchase yarns, this we will a heart breaking decision, but as our business evolves and grows, we find it imperative to focus on what we do best – make beautiful fabrics.

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