Linton Tweeds Direct Introduces New Luxury Fabric Category

Linton Tweeds Direct, which serves the wholesale and direct market, will be launching a new fabric category – an extra luxurious couture range.

This new category of fabrics will be distinguished from other fabrics on the website by a more varied and higher quality yarn content and is aimed at our many high-end couture sewers, designers and boutique fashion houses.

Many of the yarns found in these fabrics will be highly exclusive, and as a result, the fabrics will be sold at a slightly higher price point. You can see the first two fabrics named L2108 and L2109 on offer below.

Ross Walker, Head of Linton Direct explained that ‘we realised that even many hobbyist sewers are looking for the same quality fabrics that we provide top designers and we hope that this new range will give them access to a more couture selection of tweed’.

They are priced at £42 per meter which is considered inexpensive for couture fabrics of this quality when compared to the global market. These fabrics can be identified by their fabric codes ‘L’. Most will be very limited in stock due to the rarity of the yarns used, many of which are imported from across Europe including Italy and France.

We look forward to the response of our clientele to this new range of fabrics and we are excited to see the innovative ways in which they will be used.