Linton Tweeds Introduces Recycled Yarns into Winter 2021 Collection

With global warming and pollution being two of the most significant threats facing our world, we at Linton Tweeds are constantly looking at how we can make our fabrics and their production more eco-friendly.

Several years ago, we committed to only sourcing our cotton and wool yarns soley from sustainably certified producers.

We also launched Linton Direct, our online retail space which sells fabrics and products made from redundant yarns and end of line pieces (as well as fabrics from our annual collections). This was to avoid what would once be considered wastage, from going to landfill.

Now, we have introduced a new element into our sustainability commitments – recycled yarns!

sustainable yarns

For our 2021 Winter Collection, we will be importing a number of fully recycled yarns from Italy. Many of these will replace the standard yarns we use on a day to day basis for our fabrics. Several of the fabrics that make use of these yarns will be available for purchase from next year on our website.

The recycled yarns are made from a number of materials and most can be dyed in our dye house or twisted in our twisting department.

sustainable yarns

Many of our international yarn producers are still in the early stages of developing their recycled yarn ranges, so while the yarns available currently are relatively simply, over time, we expect them to be much more intricate and make up a larger percentage in our fabrics.

Look out for fabrics with these recycled yarns on our website in the future!