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Prism Arts Joins Forces with Linton Tweeds

Prism Arts is a wonderful British foundation which aims to create opportunities for people and artists facing barriers to engagement in the arts because of health, age or disability. In doing so, it helps them to realise their full creative potential.

Prism Arts

Over the last few months Prism Arts has been hosting several events with a range of schools and organisations to teach them about Carlisle’s fascinating textile history which began in the 1700’s. Of course, giving Linton Tweed’s history in the region, we couldn’t help but get involved.

Prism Arts

During these events, textile inspired artwork was created by members of Prism Arts’ Creative Arts and Conversations group for older people and stroke survivors, Prism Arts Studio Arts as well as students from Distington Community School and Upperby Primary School.

We were fortunate enough to be included in this and be able to impart our knowledge on this industry to a range of children and people. We did this by hosting a creative workshops where young children were able to experiment with pattern making and weaving.

Prism Arts

The program culminated in a riveting talk and exhibition showcasing the creations made over the last several weeks at the Carlisle Library. Our Head Textile Designer, Irene Steele, was invited to talk about the history of Linton Tweeds and its impact on the textile industry in Cumbria.

Prism Arts was established over two decades ago when in 1987 five artists committed to developing opportunities for excluded people to participate in the arts. Over the years Prism Arts has also created opportunities for British disabled artists to work and perform in Cumbria Region in the UK.

The exhibition of the art will remain in the Carlisle Library for several weeks should you be in the area and would like to see these stunning creations. We look forward to future collaborations with this wonderful organisation.