Spotlight on Bespoke Designer Jane Goring

We love giving Linton Tweeds fans the opportunity to showcase what they have made with our couture fabrics. So when bespoke designer Jane Goring sent us a few images of her incredible jackets, we jumped at the opportunity to feature her in a blog.

Specialising in consultancy of occasion wear outfits and bespoke pieces, Jane is the front woman of JGG Bespoke, a style consultancy based in Nottinghamshire.

After being Mother of the Bride and with encouragement from a retinue of bridesmaids,  Jane decided to begin a bespoke design and consultancy service for future Mothers of the Bride (or Groom!), or for women attending any other special occasion.

From a young age, Jane has had a keen interest in timeless style and elegance.  Having always designed her own clothes, she now wants to offer her service and expertise.  

Jane also offers a small individual design collection including high quality, linen dresses, glamorous evening wear and luxurious Linton tweed French Jackets. We sat down with Jane to find out more about her design process, how she chooses her fabrics and where her inspiration comes from.

Bespoke Designer

1.How did you get into fashion/designing?

Probably later in life than most.  However, after being Mother of the Bride in the Summer of 2018 and with encouragement from a retinue of beautiful bridesmaids (all high achieving professional women) I decided to begin creating a capsule collection. 

2.Why did you decide to choose fashion designing as a career? 

I have always loved beautiful fabrics and really well made clothes.  I can remember as a teenager my Mum (who dressed beautifully in the late 1950s/early 1960s) took me to buy my first, what I thought and still think, amazing outfit.  It was a red and cream trouser suit.  I just loved it.  Living on a farm the outfit seemed so glamorous.  I am not sure how many times I actually was able to wear it though!  My Mum also used to spend hours crocheting long dresses for me to wear to the school disco.  I was probably ridiculed but this was the 1970’s and again I loved wearing them. 

Bespoke Designer

3.What according to you is a favourite part of being a fashion designer?

I actually love putting a complete outfit together whether it be an outfit for the office,  party, a race day or a glamorous event.  I love sourcing high quality fabrics, usually British or Italian, matching these to footwear, handbags and even to hats. I think any woman can look amazing with high quality fabrics and bespoke tailoring.  It all comes down to the fabric and fit.   For years I have created many of my own outfits with the help of amazing highly skilled tailors/seamstresses.   Last year, along with a bespoke hat designer I was able to input my own ideas in to my Mother of the Bride hat. 

4.How would you describe your design aesthetic?

I have always admired the timeless and elegant style but I am also drawn to something different and unique which wherever you go you won’t see anyone else wearing. 

5.Tell us why you love working with tweed and in particular Linton Tweeds?

As a tweed used by fashion houses around the world for over a 100 years how could I not love working with Linton Tweeds.  Feeding in to my love of the unique and bespoke, Linton have new fabric designs twice weekly and with limited quantities.  This ensures any bespoke or even standard size item I create will be highly individual and at a client’s request can be completely unique.  After creating many Linton Tweed jackets I am still always delighted and amazed at how lovely they look when finished.  Along with the fabric and the tailoring they really are an investment piece in any wardrobe.

Bespoke Designer

6.How do you choose which fabrics to use?

Like most I am very aware of the climate change affecting of our beautiful and amazing planet.  I have always used high quality fabrics and for as long as I can remember have always thought it wiser to choose quality over quantity.  In the UK we buy more clothes per person than any other country in Europe.  We also get rid of over one million tonnes of clothes every year, with £140 millions worth going to landfill.  It is obviously a very important issue and I make a conscious decision in each item to use as highly sustainable fabrics as possible.  I source lining whose unique properties cannot be achieved with other compositions.  It is breathable, anti-static and, more importantly, sustainable.  I only use Linton Tweed for my jackets as it is manufactured in the UK, again from a sourcing and delivery perspective a sustainability plus. 

7. What can we look forward to seeing from you in the future.

I aim to become more sustainable in how I deliver my products.  I love creating the jackets you can wear for a lifetime and these will continue.  I have another jacket design in the pipeline along with a very stylish, easy to wear Linton Tweed dress which will be available from Spring 2020.  I am also about to launch an Italian Denim midi skirt which is a stylish and elegant alternative to jeans and can be worn all year round. It looks very glamorous with one of my Linton Tweed jackets! I do not want to be considered fast fashion.  Look good and wear for longer is my philosophy.

Jane prefers to work in person by appointment but can work remotely and is also willing to travel. Jane offers a no obligation chat to discuss your requirements. Should you wish to find out more about her designs, you can see her fabulous work at her Instagram handle @jggbespoke. Alternatively you can visit her website here. We look forward to seeing more of her wonderful creations in the future.